About Me

If you are struggling with any troublesome personal or relational issues, I would love to help. My goal as a Therapist is to join with my clients on a personal level to provide emotional support, coupled with useful feedback, and walk along side them through their life journey to achieve change and overcome difficulties. I am honored when allowed to be part of each and every healing process. With empathy and understanding I work toward healing, change, and growth with each client in hopes that they can reach a sense of gratification in their life.

I have a gift of being able to understand people and earn their trust, which has aided in my passion to work with minors and individuals struggling with depression and self-harm, as well as with couples and families to increase communication.

We all go through life difficulties, many of which consume us, but it is my perspective that each situation can be worked through with the right amount of patience and understanding.

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Here's a glimpse at my office! This is where all our session would be held.